EVIDSUN° is a Russian supplier of materials
and equipment for the manufacture of thermoplastic dentures

  • Our experience

    We have more than 10 years of experience in the thermoinjection denture technology. The unique experience of our experts in materials science has resulted in the development of Evidsun polyamides and the castable acrylic Evihard. Dentures made of Evidsun materials are worn by more than 100 thousand people in Russia and abroad. Our engineering experience has been implemented in the two dental thermopresses — TPS-II and the recently launched TPS-IIM.

  • Our history

    The idea to develop a new material arose when the Russian market of dental thermoplastics was in its earliest phase. The goal was to develop a material free of the flaws inherent in many of the commercially available materials. We built a unique team of materials scientists, engineers, dentists, and dental technicians who brought to market the first Russian-made nylon Evidsun. Hard nylon for full dentures and dental polycarbonate — that unfortunately never reached the market — followed. Now we are bringing to market the first Russian-made castable acrylic.

  • Unique features

    We are perfectionists. For us, creating a good material is not sufficient — we are always in touch with our customers, technicians, and dentists. This allows us to continuously improve our products. Thermoinjection technology is the future of removable dentures, and the market is steadily growing, with new vendors and new materials emerging regularly. But unlike them, we are not simply sellers, we design proprietary materials and are experts in them. All our products are certified.

  • Industry events

    Our goal is to be closer to customers, and participating in industry events is the best way to achieve this. Therefore, we annually participate in all events held in Moscow and most of those held in Russia’s regions. In this way, we can share our experience with a broad audience, present new products and research. At our booths, you will always be offered free samples of our products and given practical advice. Schedule.


Professional training in a dental lab for industry professionals


    Knowledge and experience are the key resources of any professional. Dentists and dental technicians know this especially well, since dentistry is one of the most dynamically growing fields of medicine. That is why training on the use of our equipment and materials is offered free of charge when ordering the TPS-IIM kit for the manufacture of dentures. After all, besides buying the thermopress, one wants to acquire the skills needed to apply the material. We see this as our key mission.

    We share our experience gained over several years so that you can avoid the mistakes we made ourselves. Our goal is to sell you as much material as we can, and this will only happen if the dentures you make are of high quality. Thus, we are no less than you interested in making your products perfect.

    Our technicians are always in touch and ready to help solve any problems arising when using our products. In addition to the free training included in the delivery, you are always welcome to attend our paid workshops. Whenever possible, the workshops are held at our exhibition booths.